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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brown out

Well at least its been a diversion from CherokeeGate.

The Great Debate Debate is over for now after Vicki Kennedy stood her ground and refused to buckle to Scott Brown's demands that she refuse to endorse Elizabeth Warren in this nationally watched tussle.

Theories and viewpoints abound but one thing remains clear: the Brown campaign continues its issues-less approach that includes soft commercials the declare he is a good father and husband while offering personal comment only to raise questions about Warren's family history.

Aided and abetted by a media that seem averse to doing any real reporting on issues and positions, voters blissfully unaware of the real differences between the candidates.

Some will argue there's plenty of time to get into those questions, because voters won't even begin to concentrate until after Labor Day. And while that is quite true, what is troubling is the ability of the Brown campaign to dictate to pace and terms of the race.

And that reflects poorly on the Warren brain trust that has been caught flat-footed too often -- whether on their less-than-stellar response to the heritage question to raising a debate challenge but allowing Brown to outmaneuver them.

Is it too much to ask for a campaign based on very real and very different views of the roles of Main Street and Wall Street? Right now, it appears the answer to that is yes.

In the meantime, shall we guess what the next faux issue will be?

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