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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Contemptible behavior

Jobs bills are blocked and student loan rates are poised to double. But a Republican House that can't seem to act on those pressing issues has somehow found the time to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over an obscure partisan witch hunt.

The House oversight committee led by Rep. Darrell Issa voted to issue a contempt citation after  President Obama cited executive privilege in refusing to turn over documents related to a botched ATF operation that has become a cause celebre in right wing circles.

Issa, whose own history includes allegations he stole a car and pumped up his resume by claiming to sweep for bombs ahead of a Richard Nixon presidential visit to the World Series, has already determined the Obama administration is "the most corrupt in history," in the processing affirming he never spent any time around Nixon.

It appears clear the ATF fouled up in losing track of guns used in a sting operation in Mexico, a mistake that led to the death of a Border Patrol agent. Usually not mentioned is the Bush administration employed the same tactics, although with less disastrous results.

But in a House chamber overcome by Obama Derangement Syndrome -- and a chairman who likes to appear with Bill Maher -- we have a "crisis" that propels action ahead of anything proposed by the administration to improve the jobs climate or to find common ground on a bill that would prevent a July 1 doubling of interest rates on Stafford student loans.

There is clearly contemptible behavior here -- on the part of out-of-control congressional Republicans. They have put Obama's defeat ahead of anything that would help the nation break out of the Great Recession brought on by the irresponsibility Bush and his GOP colleagues created by cutting taxes for millionaires while conducting two credit card wars and running up massive budget deficits.

There's probably not enough time left for the GOP to trump up impeachment particulars against this "most corrupt" administration and for that we ought to be grateful.

The clowns will soon be abandoning the Capitol. Only not soon enough.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

RIP Jaime Zapata

June 21, 2012 10:44 AM  

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