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Friday, June 22, 2012

Of royalty and roots

While Scott Brown was hob-nobbling with royalty, Elizabeth Warren was confronting her enemies.

Our junior senator took time off from "secret meetings and with kings and queens and prime ministers and business leaders and military leaders" to speak to local radio hosts about how he really is doing substantial things and not just dodging debates and raising ethnic heritage questions.

In sharp contrast to Brown's refusal to attend a debate sponsored by Vicki Kennedy for fears of her neutrality,  Warren accepted a challenge for a showdown with Brown sponsored by an organization that has already made its endorsement -- in its news pages.

Brown's camp quickly backed off from the comments he made in a phone interview of WTKK-FM that his meeting schedule included "kings and queens."

But the slip of the tongue offered the greatest insight yet why Brown is frequently absent from town hall meetings and reporter scrums where he can't control the message and speak from talking points.

Brown also explained his rejection of the Kennedy Institute debate was a result of being blind-sided when Vicki Kennedy endorsed Martha Coakley days before the event.  Somehow he managed to get through that trauma with little damage.

There won't be any similar surprises when Warren takes the stage at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell on Sept. 27 to face-off with Brown in a debate sponsored by the Boston Herald, which has hardly been shy in operating as a platform for Brown and his challenge to Warren's claim of Native-American roots.

Until then, we will likely see a steady diet of Brown in controlled settings where he can tout that he is a good father and husband and someone who looks to work with people. But don't expect him to discuss the issue that is really at the heart of this campaign -- his well-documented support for and from Wall Street in contrast to Warren's support of people harmed by the seemingly beyond control financial services industry.

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