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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oil's well

That darn Barack Obama just keeps lowering gasoline prices.

Republicans, who reveled in roasting Obama as fuel prices went up, have been mute as they have headed back down. If pressed, they would no doubt point to the fact the demand is down because China's economy is slowing and tensions are down in the Middle East -- the reasons prices spiked in the first place earlier this year.

But there's a group as intellectually dishonest as the GOP, and that's the media, particularly local television -- although the thought of using the concept of intellectual anything when it comes to local news purveyors is laughable to begin with.

It's almost equally true for the big boys and girls at the national level, who mindlessly repeated the "Drill Baby Drill" chants of 2008 without looking at the realities behind that GOP mantra.

Which is why today's story in the Wall Street Journal is refreshing.
America will halve its reliance on Middle East oil by the end of this decade and could end it completely by 2035 due to declining demand and the rapid growth of new petroleum sources in the Western Hemisphere, energy analysts now anticipate.
Actually the increased drilling has been noted in major publications, but without the full context. The New York Times has reported extensively on the drilling in North Dakota and Pennsylvania, focusing heavily on the fracking -- the fracturing of subterranean rocks holding the fuels -- and the environmental perils that poses.

No one that I can recall has ever really taken on the entire complex story of the relationship among the environment, geopolitics and economics that is at the root of the fuel price swings we face.

It's much easier to show a guy changing the price on a gas station sign and repeat GOP talking points than it is to tell a complex story with no clear heroes and villains.

And journalism today is more about angels and devils than it is about explaining our world. That's an even bigger loss than a few extra pennies a gallon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And weren't the oil speculators (the people who facilitate the free market) getting skewered on this blog by all the liberals? They need to be regulated, etc etc. Where's the complaining now?

June 27, 2012 7:03 AM  

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