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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Parallel universe

Do Democrats and Republicans live in totally different realities? Coverage of Elizabeth Warren's Senate nomination win makes a strong case that they do.

The steamrollering of virtually unknown North Shore lawyer Marisa DeFranco reflected a "reinvigorated" Warren campaign in the eyes of The Boston Globe. Warren's call to arms for direct debate combat with incumbent Scott Brown included a warning she could take a punch, as a five-week pummeling over her family history could attest.

Meanwhile over at the chief cheerleader of the Cherokee saga, "Landslide Liz" Warren is portrayed "warts and all" as the real bully who pushed an under financed opponent off the ballot for fear of competition.

Can you say Christie Mihos?

Deputy State Republican Party Chairman Peter "Nauticus" Blute was in high dudgeon over Warren's 95.77 percent support, totally forgetful of the 89-11 percent shellacking GOP leaders pinned on a far more visible Mihos in an effort to clear the field against Deval Patrick.

And Blute's takedown of Warren's out-of-state financial support manages to overlook both the outpouring of Tea Party money for his special election victory over Martha Coakley and Wall Street's current largess.

But you know they say foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

One thing is certain. The time is rapidly arriving when Scott Brown will no longer be able to hide behind the word processors of GOP advocates who have managed to frame this campaign about hot button non-issues like affirmative action to avoid talking about Brown's record as a defender of Wall Street over the Main Street residents who Warren champions.

Brown has been a virtually invisible candidate -- opting for control appearances before friendly crowds and avoiding reporters or public forums where he cannot control the questions.

Warren, with a clear field, has now thrown down the debate gauntlet. While she has a pretty good track record in articulating her causes, Brown proved himself to be no slouch in sharing the debate stage with Martha Coakley.

It's time for Brown to stop hiding behind phony issues and soft and gauzy commercials professing love for the Red Sox and Celtics and face the voters with an honest discussion about the real problems facing Massachusetts and the nation, how he has voted on them.

It's equally incumbent on the independent media to stop taking the candy thrown in its direction and ensure that Brown can no longer continue running away from a discussion of his voting record.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the "challenge" presented at the Dem convention wasn't orchestrated so that subconsciously people would associate Warren with being a winner. She won by a landslide. It is the first thing she has been elected to.

June 04, 2012 12:19 PM  

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