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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sticks and stones

There he goes again.

Sen. Tommy Flanagan, er, Scott Brown, took time off from his secret discussions with kings and queens to lob a few more consultant-tested buzzwords at Elizabeth Warren and her effort to provide some thoughtful comment on the Dream Act and the nation's immigration woes.

Warren offered her comments during an online chat with Boston.com:
"I believe in the Dream Act,” Warren said. “When Scott Brown voted against it, he ­denied the dreams of young people who did nothing wrong and who are trying to get an edu­cation or serve in the military. I thought that was wrong. I support the president’s recent actions to help these kids.”
The Brown campaign, which has shunned this sort of voter interaction until promising Friday to do one, responded with a full-on talking point attack rather than explain his vote:
The Brown campaign later called Warren “an extreme liberal on illegal immigration who supports amnesty and even wants to reward illegal immigrants with low in-state tuition rates financed by taxpayers.”
All of this takes place in the shadow of Brown having finally been caught exaggerating in the style of the inveterate liar brought to life by Saturday Night Live's Jon Lovitz.

The state Democratic Party unveiled a video that makes Brown spokesman Colin Reed's declaration of a one-time misspeak "inoperative." The party was kind by not including a clip of Brown making the same statements on the Senate floor.

(And extra points to anyone who notices the Globe's picture selection for the story, particularly the online version.)

This may well be an Etch a Sketch moment for Brown, who continues to fill the airwaves with commercials of his wife praising his fathering skills. But it could serve notice that if Brown wants to focus solely on trivia there's ample opportunities for rehashing things in the Cosmo Man's background.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But in the immigration debate where would Warren stand on other choices? It's OK for Obama's illegal alien aunt to get publicly paid housing and welfare? And does she agree with Obama's uncle (illegal) getting his license back?

June 25, 2012 4:54 AM  

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