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Thursday, June 28, 2012

There he goes again

Health care's future is on the line but what did Scott Brown focus during his "debate" with Dan Rea? Yep, CherokeeGate.

A few hundred miles away in New York, Elizabeth Warren sought refuge on an equally partisan stage, trying to talk substance about underwater mortgages with Rachel Maddow.

It's easy to understand why Warren ducked the one-on-one "debate" with the right-wing talkmaster. Some bon mots:
“She wants to raise your taxes and take more money out of your pocketbooks and wallets,” he said.
Brown also weighed forth on the GOP witch hunt involving Attorney General Eric Holder and, of course, his challenge to Warren's family lore of Cherokee roots. He also declared, without any apparent facts at his disposal, that Warren would make the immigration problem worse.

Warren appeared to try to address real issues, declaring;
"Massachusetts is recovering better than much of the rest of the country, partly because we have made a lot of investments in our people.”
The nation hasn't been this sharply since the Civil War. It is time to deal with substance and not jibes and insinuations abouit personal heritage. It's also time for commercials that go beyond what a great husband and dad the candidate is.

We're electing someone to represent our interests in the Senate, not someone who's a nice guy or gal. The time for b-s is over.

Hopefully both candidates get it. The one that refuses to talk about his record in supoport of Wall Street over Main Street certainly doesn't, at least not yet.

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