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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being Bielat

There he goes again. Being evasive about how he makes a living.

The last time we saw Sean Bielat, the man who talked a better game than he ran against Barney Frank, he was defending his decision to pay himself a salary from funds he raised during the 2010 campaign.

Bielat is back -- in a three-way race to be the Republican nominee against Joseph P. Kennedy III -- and he is just as slippery as ever in describing his livelihood. Or not describing it.

Bielat refuses to name the online start-up he runs - an interactive site that helps citizens directly contact any member of Congress about ­issues that concern them. He also refuses to name his financial backers.

Not the greatest example of transparency from a guy who showed a tendency to overstate and obfuscate during his last congressional run.

Republicans are having a hard time raising cash to take on Kennedy (for whom, in the interest of transparency, I have written a check). It will only get harder if the candidates like Bielat, who have already had some interesting uses for their donations, are secretive when it comes to finances.

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