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Monday, July 23, 2012

Misplaced priorities

What does it say about a nation where it's easier to buy ammunition than cold medications?

That's the cold, hard reality after we learned that James Holmes was able to purchase 6,000 rounds -- including 3,000 for an assault rifle -- over the Internet without so much as producing a driver's license.

Regular readers will recall I generally rant about the hoops needed to purchase medication to cure the sneezes and sniffles that come with a cold. The fear that someone can purchase massive amounts of the remedy to make crystal meth has made suspected criminals of all of us.

But clearly meth heads don't have the same lobbying power as the National Rifle Association, which has bought politicians of both parties to ensure that no regulation -- no matter how sane or logical -- can be applied to something that is far deadlier than thousands of cold pills in the wrong hands.

We can't accurately predict the results of elections let alone the weather. But we can predict without any hesitation what will happen after this latest example of Americans Gone Wild.

Nothing. Zippo. Nada.

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