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Friday, July 13, 2012

Never mind!

Here's the tale of Mendacious Mitt and Slippery Scotto, two prominent Massachusetts Republicans with veracity issues.

Let's start with Senator Barn Coat, who when he wasn't meeting with kings and queens was taking calls from secretaries of state.

As Emily Litella was fond of saying: Never mind.

But Brown's fanciful mischaracterizations are a mere blip compared to the antics of Willard M. Romney, who appears to have filed what might charitably be described as misleading documents related to this ownership stake in Bain Capital -- and offering what may also charitably be called a non-denial denial about those actions.

While media outlets expanded yesterday's Boston Globe report on the Bain documents -- citing Romney's own testimony at the Massachusetts Ballot Law Commission among other sources -- the Romney camp took the tried and true path of prevaricators, attacking the messenger.

When it wasn't accusing the Obama campaign of being "reckless," the Romney team demanded a correction from the Globe, without offering any specifics to back up its claim that the Globe erred in the story.

As Globe editor Marty Baron noted:
“The Globe story was based on government documents filed by Bain Capital itself.”
This latest episode only underscores what has been perfectly clear about Myth Romney since he entered the political arena in 1994. He will say and do anything to close a deal. Truth is merely one option in his arsenal, one that seems to be used only on occasion.

As a service to loyal readers, I leave you with this guide the new political pot-boiler, 50 Shades of Truth.

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