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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pretzel man

So is Myth Romney lying when he says the health care mandate is a tax or that he never raised taxes in Massachusetts?

The Man without a Core has produced his greatest flip flop yet with the admission that the Supreme Court ruling upholding health care's individual mandate as a tax, means the penalty assessments are just that.
“The majority of the court said it is a tax, therefore it is a tax. The majority has spoken,’’ Romney said. “There is no way around that.’’
Never mind that Eric "Etch a Sketch" Ferhnstrom declared that Romney disagreed with the Court's characterization -- or that Romney himself has fluctuated between the tax and penalty definition since Massachusetts enacted the law in 2006.
 “Using tax penalties, as we did ... encourages ‘free riders’ to take responsibility for themselves.”
But Romney has now opened himself up to flip-flopping on one of the centerpieces of his campaign -- that he never raised taxes during his term as Massachusetts governor. It was a needle-threading claim to be sure, given the $700 million in fees that were raised to close budget gaps.

Oh sure, Pretzel Man is trying to claim that if the Supreme Court calls it a tax on the national level that doesn't mean the same thing for the states, an insulting twist to the intelligence of anyone with a basic command of the English language -- and logic.

But, given Romney's own words calling it a penalty tax, Our Man Myth needs to explain what amounts to roughly $100 million in additional revenue that has gone into Massachusetts coffers since enactment of RomneyCare.

Which is the bigger lie Gov. Pinocchio?

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