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Monday, July 02, 2012

Warning shot

Mitt Romney isn't feeling the love from a prominent conservative who buys his ink by the barrel.

Rupert Murdoch's forays into the Twitterverse has been the source of some amusement as the Last Newspaperman has been offering his view on everything from the TomKat breakup to the state of European euro debates.

But the folks at Team Romney has to be at least a bit nervous as the Man Behind the Fox Network turned his attention to them:
"Met Romney last week. Tough O Chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team and hires some real pros. Doubtful"
Obviously Our Man Myth was attempting to do what he does best -- ingratiate himself with the conservative base he needs to win on November.

And while Murdoch's expressed his concerns with the candidate's brain trust rather than the candidate himself, it's also clear the wily media mogul knows that Romney's "old friends" are part of the core that has led hi to this point.

Murdoch has shown a surprising unpredictability in political matters -- supporting Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate bid in New York --  and it is well-established that Fox News is in the iron grip of Roger Ailes and not Sir Rupert.

It's not likely that any Murdoch enterprise will roll out the red carpet for Barack Obama. Nor will Murdoch endorse Obama personally or professionally.

But his skepticism is likely to send shudders through the Romney camp when the Father of the Movement questions the candidate's ability to prevail.

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