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Thursday, August 09, 2012


The only thing Republicans have to fear are voters themselves. And the national GOP effort against alleged fraud has taken a very bizarre turn in Massachusetts.

Scott Brown, the son of a welfare recipient, is on the warpath against Amelia Warren Tyagi, daughter of Elizabeth Warren, for participating in an effort to have the state's Department of Transitional Assistance as part of an interim settlement over a lawsuit alleg­ing that the department has consistently failed to comply with federal voter registration law.

The legal action was brought by a Demos, a New York-based advocacy and public policy that has brought similar actions in more than a half-dozen states. Tyagi serves as chair of the organization's board of directors.

Brown is in high dudgeon over the audacity of "Professor" Warren and her daughter, who last we saw has not made any TV commercials for her mom:
“I want every legal vote to count, but it’s outrageous to use taxpayer dollars to register welfare recipients as part of a special effort to boost one political party,” Brown said. “This effort to sign up welfare recipients is being aided by Elizabeth ­Warren’s daughter and it’s clearly designed to benefit her mother’s political campaign.”
Warren quickly shot back:
“The organization that Amelia’s involved in was working on voter registration issues I believe before she ever joined,” Warren said. “And they were working in several different states, they’re working with other organizations and they were working with the commonwealth of Massachusetts before I ever became involved in the campaign.”
The GOP's national campaign efforts have been a combination of massive spending along with cries of voter fraud under every rock. The "fraud" naturally is only taking place on the Democratic side of the house, apparently as it did during the Jim Crow days of the Old South.

Scotto's outrage is especially noteworthy -- given his own personal background. But the man trying to get by, so far, on endorsements from family and politicians,  obviously has forgotten those roots, becoming a champion of the financial services industry.

Brown later said he doesn't have a problem with voter registration efforts, even those aimed at welfare recipients. The problem is what he claims is Tyagi's use of taxpayer money to go after him personally.

That self-absorption has not gone unnoticed, according to Mindy Myers, who has run the voter registration effort:
“His entire attack is built on efforts in multiple states to ­enforce a law passed almost 20 years ago with bipartisan support,” Myers added. “Even the Bush Justice Department filed suit to enforce this provision.”
"Even the Bush Justice Department." That may be hitting below the belt.

*Don't Get Out the Vote

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for welfare. When someone who has received aid (as Scott Brown did) makes it in the big time, as you imply he has, let's make them pay back the equivalent of the aid they received. All the rappers, Oprah, Scott Brown can give it back. Then there's more to give to the current needy. After all they didn't get out of poverty by themselves, right?

August 09, 2012 8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a better idea ... after you make these new aristocrats pay back the equivalent of the welfare aid they received, how 'bout refunding the taxpayers who footed the bill in the first place rather than using it to further expand the existing social net. Just thinking.

August 09, 2012 12:32 PM  

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