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Friday, August 31, 2012

"Get off my lawn"

Four years ago, the Republicans nominated an angry old white man for president. This time around they had to settle for a substitute.

Clint Eastwood's bizarre conversation with an empty chair was a fitting coda to a convention where the GOP nominated an empty suit as its standard bearer. And the stereotypical insults of the Eastwood "performance" were as out of tune with reality as Mitt Romney's claim that the GOP wanted Barack Obama to succeed.

Eastwood may well have upstaged the nominee -- from the buzz generated over his "surprise" appearance to the disrespectful monologue in which he told an imagined Obama:
“I can’t tell him that. He can’t do that to himself.”
I assume the suggestion was for Romney to think for himself as opposed to twisting into a pretzel to please the party that finally gave him what he has long coveted.

Just imagine the outrage if Alec Baldwin has carried on an imaginary conversation like that with  George W. Bush.

The crowd of course took kindly to the former Republican Mayor of Carmel, California, forgiving the imaginary trespass they presumed he committed when he fronted a Super Bowl commercial the Obama haters took to be an endorsement of the auto bailout.

It was indeed a fitting conclusion to an imaginative convention where truth was not invited.

The Republican Party has offered the same tired solution of lower taxes and higher defense spending as the cure for all our ills for more than 30 years, despite overwhelming evidence that all it has succeeded in doing is growing both our deficit and the gap between the rich and the 99 percent.

Why shouldn't an actor/director who has cornered the market on the role of angry old man telling kids to get off his lawn become the spokesman for that party?

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Anonymous Adam Gaffin said...

Great Obama response

August 31, 2012 10:32 AM  

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