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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trouble in paradise?

Mitt World appears to be happy with the choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, but do his local newspapers foreshadow a less glorious future?

First you have the Globe congratulating Romney for his choice, saying it will "clarify" the fall campaign. Can anyone recall the last time the Globe hailed the Mittster -- for anything other than RomneyCare of course.

But what had to send a chill down the spine of Romney brain-truster Eric Ferhnstrom was not one, not two but three columns fronting the Boston Herald website raising questions about the pick in one form or another.

First there's Joe Battenfeld's suggestion the selection puts Scott Brown in a tougher fight to retain his Senate seat. A Herald piece that doesn't dwell at length on Elizabeth Warren's family or heritage? Uh-oh.

Next up is Peter Gelzinis, who posits the only person happier than Romney right now is Barack Obama, who is offered the ultimate backhanded compliment:
Barack Obama hasn’t been a good enough president these past few years to win these two guys as opponents. I don’t believe the White House ever really thought Romney would give them the chance to run against the GOP’s chief bogeyman.
But what probably has caused more sweating than the humidity down at Romney's North End bunker is the less-than-glowing review of Fehrnstrom mentor Howie Carr:
So Paul Ryan isn’t giving up his race for re-election to the House of Representatives. Good career move, Paul. Somehow, this vice presidential choice seems somewhat underwhelming. I still say Marco Rubio would have been the better candidate — and please, spare me the arguments about Rubio’s alleged support of the DREAM Act and whether he’s a “natural-born citizen.”
Romney selected Ryan to rally the base, which includes right wing talkmeisters like Carr. Obviously Howie's gonna need a little talkin' to, probably from Fernie, maybe even a sit down with the Mittster himself, before he gets on the bandwagon.

The Herald's skepticism, much like the expected post-selection bump in the polls, probably will be short lived. And the Globe's editorial? Fish wrap by day's end.

But less-than-fawning reception for Ryan in the reliably Republican Herald surely got today off to a bad start down on Commercial Street.

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