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Friday, September 21, 2012

By dawn's early light

The loudest message on Scott Brown's performance in last night's debate was offered by the Boston Herald -- which led with John Tierney rules for an upcoming debate.

Howie Carr's inevitable slam of Elizabeth Warren was one of the positive reviews for Brown -- whop took it on the chin from the Globe's Scot Lehigh and Joan Vennochi and scored on some points from Tom Keane.

Vennochi wins the lead award on this one:
The woman who made Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner squirm made Senator Scott Brown sweat.
The Brown camp must be rattled this morning after. When your cmpaign newsletter seeks to change the subject, that can't be good.  And with a preponderance of polling that shows Warren making a move, the "professor" can't be the only thing making Brown sweat.

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