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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Double speak

Ray Flynn says he's for Scott Brown because he's "pro-life," while Brown runs ads in which women hail him for his support of their right to choose? So who's right?

Flynn, the supposed epitome of working class Democrats, is crystal clear in his reasons for backing Brown -- not the first time Flynn has backed the GOP:
“He was endorsed by Massachusetts Citizens for Life,” Flynn said. “That’s an organization I believe in. That means there must be something there, that he has a lot of respect for life and the needy.”
Yet Brown is on the air with ads in which he touts his support of  a woman's right to choose, not to mention equal pay. And his record -- from support for the Blunt Amendment and his votes pay equality -- are nowhere to be found.

The Flynn endorsement -- and Castle Island hot dog photo op -- are all part of Brown's Faux Tour -- pretending to be a senator in direct contrast to his actual voting record, the "nice guy" who touts his own personal history while denigrating Warren's upbringing.

But clearly something is amiss with Brown's conflicting position on women's issues. Is Flynn misinformed? Or is Brown airing commercials that misrepresent his actual votes?

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