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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mixed signals

Scott Brown's new scorched earth tactics are being accompanied by calls for a return to the kinder, gentler version.

Even as the Brown campaign launched truth-challenged robocalls created by Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS, Brown's media advisers, er, the Herald, is cautioning the candidate to rein in his "alpha-dog" debate tactics.

The robocalls can be seen as violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the "People's Pledge" where both candidates agreed to keep pout third-party television ads. Brown same the loophole and engaged the man once known as Bush's Brain (among kinder names) to bombard homes with anti-Warren messages.

You know, those annoying calls that come around dinner time and try to sell you things you don't want?

In this case, the message isn't even accurate. As the Globe notes:
One call criticizes Warren’s work leading a panel that monitored the federal bank bailout, erroneously suggesting she ran the bailout, and another claims that her support for President Obama’s health law could limit Medicare availability, even though the law does not propose doing so.

Brown has obliterated his nice guy in the past week by going all-out negative on Warren's heritage as well as twisting her complex legal work for corporations -- who are normally Brown's best friends.

The new personality recalled that of a Republican who lost a Senate race to a high-profile Democratic opponent -- in part because of boorish behavior. Syracuse University professor Jeff Stonecash sees echoes of Rick Lazio's assaults on Hillary Clinton's space in 5the 2000 New York Senate race:
“Truly one of the worst moments I’ve ever seen from a politician in my life. He just was lambasted for being too aggressive with a female, and tried to intimidate (Clinton). The smartest thing Scott Brown can do is, he has to present himself as a pleasant moderate who really stands for good policies and is independent of the Republican leadership of the Senate.”
Since that was Brown's modus operandi until recently, you can only assume the internal polls are even worse than the majority of public ones that show the race turning toward Warren,.

But annoying dinner-time interruptions hardly seem the best counter.

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