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Thursday, September 20, 2012

No more Mr. Nice Guy

If you go for the jugular, you better get it right. Scott Brown didn't and the fallout will be interesting.

Brown attacked Elizabeth Warren right out of the box, questioning her heritage. Her reply, after calling Brown a "nice guy," was to defend “the stories I knew” growing up about having a Native American heritage.

Warren was cool, calm and collected while Brown glowed hot, a far cry from the man who took down Martha Coakley. Maybe it was a form of jet lag after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid insinuated Brown was trying to dodge the encounter.

Time after time, Warren fended off Brown, so much so that he started agreeing with her, particularly when it came to Barack Obama.

Anyone hear about a guy named Mitt Romney?

Brown faced a very large hurdle because Warren hurled his record against him, a far cry from the "fake "Indian" opening and the endless, condescending "professor" references. And if you ever had a doubt that his goal was condescension, his attempt to link her (healthy) salary as the cause of the nation's high cost for higher education should relieve any doubt.

Initial assessment: Warren by knockout. But stay tuned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if we watched the same show, but the country is so polarized now there's little hope of anyone changing their mind. Her "healthy" salary? That much money for the one class, and she can relate to the blue collar guy? On a personal note my wife and I are divorcing so she can become one of the 46%(she hasn't worked in years), I'm keeping the houses and money, I'll rent our Mass house to her(section 8), the EBT will be in her name, I'm going to Fla to reside(no state tax on my pension) and we'll share our caviar and lobster. Just wish you could still use the ebt cards at the liquor stores.

September 21, 2012 5:01 AM  
Anonymous Tyran said...

That sucks anon, sorry to hear.

Anyways, did the right-tinged just zero out Warren stating her first teaching jobs was making $13,050? Cause it was loud and clear here.

Since when is the GOP against personal responsibility, hard work, and success?

Something has gone horribly wrong, when GOP talking points are arguing for higher taxes (ie the removal of Reagan EITC tax break legislation) and that a women who made it to Harvard from nothing is getting paid too much.


So, Romney made too much money, right? He's driving up costs!

September 21, 2012 6:54 PM  

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