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Saturday, September 29, 2012

O'Brien Fever Grips Hub

It was a tough season for Red Sox fans and an even tougher one for a Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns rooter (why do I torture myself?) So the sound of scuffling sneakers is especially inviting right about now.

And despite the defection of Ray Allen to LeBronville -- not to mention changes in LA, Brooklyn and Philly -- I can't help but feel optimistic about the Celtics, the new Big Three and their likelihood to be playing late into the season once again.

The core of a team that played with heart is back -- along with the two guys who made the Celtics the unquestioned leader of teams with games lost to heart surgery.

While Jason Terry is an unquestioned good pickup and Courtney Lee an intriguing addition, the best reason for optimism is the real heart of the team -- Kevin Garnett.

KG rose from the dead last year after he moved to center -- although finally shaking his knee woes didn't hurt. Backed by a broad collection of big and wide bodies, including intriguing rookie Jared Sullinger, Garnett is likely to provide more inspiration than perspiration during the dog weeks of mid-season.

That leaves it to the remaining members of the Big Three -- Paul Pierce and newly minted leader Rajon Rondo to produce the offense with Terry and Lee and hopefully Jeff Green. And the guard corps will only get better when Avery Bradley returns from double shoulder surgery.

Let's not forget Bradley replaced the ankle-impaired Allen in the starting line-up and played smothering defense while finding some offensive tools to boot.

Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I think not. After all, I'm rooting for my Brownies to achieve distinction by posting a perfect 0-16 record.

But this year's edition of the Green is intriguing. A team that played with guts now has reinforcements. Why not No. 18?

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