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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snake Oil Scotto

How can you be supported by Massachusetts Citizens for Life and be "pro-choice" at the same time? That conundrum clearly summarizes the mendacity of Scott Brown's campaign.

This hasn't been a good week for Brown and the state GOP, which took to ham-handed news management to try and quell public discussion about the local party's eventually aborted embrace of the anti-woman national party platform.

And smack in the middle of the morass is Brown (R-Two Faces) who has used his campaign commercials to date to present a warm and fuzzy image of hubby, dad and laundry folder who believes "like a lot of you, I came from nothing."

Senator Barn Coat, who hosts a website that declares Elizabeth Warren a "fake Indian" took faux umbrage at a new look Elizabeth Warren ad in which Lowell fighter Mickey Ward gym owner Art Ramahlo accuses Brown of ‘‘siding with the big-money guys.’’

Brown responded with two ads, one claiming she started the negativity (after his web site) and one in which he promotes his stance on abortion and women's rights.

This from a man who supported the retrograde Blunt Amendment on insurance coverage for contraception; opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act designed to bring women's pay in line with men; and has the backing of the state's leading anti-choice group, even if it also questions how firm his convictions are. Says Anne Fox, president of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life:
“We have to take his word for it when he says he is prochoice. But what we’re looking for is someone who votes prolife, and he does.”
This is a Pinocchio with his Pants on Fire.

That dilemma is no doubt at the heart of the state GOP's decision to ban Globe reporter Stephanie Ebbert from an open public forum where the state party eventually tabled a move to adopt the national GOP agenda which condemns same-sex marriage and abortion, including in instances of rape or incest.

What made state GOP spokesman Tim Buckley's stance so egregious was his decision to selectively ban only Ebbert and David Bernstein of the Phoenix while allowing access to others because in Buckley's words the Globe “already had two stories on topic; we just want everyone to get their ‘fair share.’ ”

Political hacks do not make news judgments.

Brown has a long history of speaking out of both sides of his mouth: offering praise for Main Street while supporting Wall Street at the top of his list. He is also running a commercial with Barack Obama in which he takes credit for a bill he claims he filed but which was actually one offered by Joe Lieberman.

He has also played the class card with particular skill, lambasting "Professor" Warren while ignoring the fact his fabled truck was purchased the haul a trailer for his daughters' horse.

Now the senator is getting as skittish as a colt when Warren attempts to bring out the Two Faces of Scotto.

CORRECTION: I incorrectly stated Mickey Ward appeared in a Warren ad that questions Brown's support for the "little guys." Lowell gym owner Art Ramahlo appears in that ad. Ward pulled a potential endorsementr of Brown because of the senator's stance on gay marriage and labor unions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Scotties position on Romney using the recent terrorist attack in Libya to try to boost his campaign? Isn't it time for one of his patented letters of condemnation, or is he siding with Romney and Rumsfeld?

September 15, 2012 12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is prochoice. The MCFL supporting him only means they think he is the lesser prochoice candidate.

September 16, 2012 3:34 PM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Sorry Anon, MCFL supporting a pro-choice candidate would be major news. As they say, he votes pro-life. Can't sugar coat that one.

September 17, 2012 5:23 AM  

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