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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The hits keep coming

Turns out Mitt Romney is the 47 percent.

One day after our Man Myth made a hash of it by denouncing the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay taxes as dependents who aren't his voters (when they really are) a new tape emerges that shows Romney actually was a member of the group when his father accepted public assistance after immigrating from Mexico.

Poor Mitt. Oh wait, not any more.

The tangles are the inevitable result of chameleon candidate who changes his positions as easy as some of use change socks. And while Mr. 1 percent is now trying to show his solidarity with the masses, the facts offer a hard time. And that's without his hidden tax returns.

For starters, while Romney has had some nice landing pads in Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah and California, doesn't hail from the states where the 47 percent hang their hats at night:
Research by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation showed that in 2008, the states with the highest percentages of tax filers who did not pay federal income taxes were Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, New Mexico, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, and Texas. Obama won Florida and New Mexico but lost the other eight.
Not only did he miss the states, he writes off a large chunk of the non-taxpaying public who in reality are his voters.

Romney continues to soldier on with campaign-fed lines like "[m]y campaign is about the 100 percent in America," but each day brings a new distraction that pulls him more off his message.

And reveals the price of trying to be able things to all people.

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