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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Treacle done politics?

Apparently Scott Brown's new campaign song is No More Mr. Nice Guy. Now it's the politics of personal resentment.

On the same day as the Herald's "Truth Squad" claimed the Democratic Convention's  Native American Council requested a meeting with Elizabeth Warren (a claim the council and the delegate deny) Brown's campaign launched a new website labeling Warren a "fake Indian."

It was also the same day that Brown's campaign issued a press release rapping Warren for "mudslinging."

Stay classy Scotto.

After a summer of treacly commercials focusing on veterans, fishermen and laundry, featuring washed up Democrats like Ray Flynn and Paul Walsh, Brown appeared to take the unofficial Labor Day campaign launch to heart with the new attacks, timed to Warren's speech to Democrats tonight.

But what's most intriguing is the apparent timing of the Herald's report that the Native American convention delegates want to speak with her and the story by the Globe in which Harlan Geronimo rebutted the words put into his mouth
One of the concerned delegates named in the Herald report was Harlyn Geronimo, the great grandson of the Apache warrior Geronimo. But Harlyn Geronimo also told the Herald he was unfamiliar with Warren’s claim, and he is not a convention delegate, according to a list on the Democratic convention website. Three others featured in the Herald story are delegates.
The truth of the Truth Squad's report aside, the harsh negativity of the new website is in sharp contrast to the nice guy image Brown has carefully nurtured and has carried him to a slight lead over Warren.

It would also suggest less confidence than one would assume from a candidate who continues to have more money in the bank than his opponent and has been content to offer soft commercials on what a great father and husband he is rather than discuss his votes to support the financial services industry fight reform measures.

The new line of attack probably opens up possible second looks into some of Brown's claims that were seemingly contradicted in a Globe report about his childhood.

And the whole incident sure has the feel of Eric "CrazyKhazei" Ferhrnstrom taking the gloves off. Wonder what the internall polls are telling him?

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