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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big Government

As millions recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, they will be thankful for the helping hand of the government. If only they remember that when they go to the polls next week.

Local, state and federal agencies, from police departments to the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been and will be mustering taxpayer-supported resources to coordinate and assist with the clean-up.

It's government that will be looking over the shoulders of the regulated utilities that failed to do their jobs adequately last year during Tropical Storm Irene and the Halloween snow storm in Massachusetts.

Yes, it's even government in the form of Hurricane Chris Christie who belittled people who failed to heed evacuation orders from hard hit New Jersey communities.

Political leaders either earn that title or scorn based on their response to mega storms and other disasters (are you listening, George W. Bush?)

For all the hand-wringing over what impact the storm will have on early voting and Barack Obama's chances for re-election, the more powerful television images in the next few days will not be attack ads but Obama's response to Sandy's wrath.

That's no doubt why we will see Christie will invite Mitt Romney to tour storm damage and look presidential.

The Republican mantra against taxes and Big Government is a well-orchestrated rant that fails to take into account what government does. Remember that when police or firefighters risk their lives to help people put in harm's way by a storm.

Or when the road crew comes around to clear the muck that clogged the storm drain that caused flooding in the streets.

Or when the National Guard, which has been doing double duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, helps with the rescues and restorations.

Conservatives may think they can live without government's "heavy hand." They ought to think again. Or maybe for the first time.

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