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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


The showdown between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tonight in Denver is, in George Bush's memorable phrase, suffering from the soft bigotry of low expectations. At least among the crowd feeling increasingly worried about their Man Myth.

While spinmeisters have been furiously at work in the perverse task of lowering the bar for their man, the GOP machinery seems to be particularly hard at work, offering advice, feints and red herrings aimed at altering the perceived outcome.

Some are easy to ignore: Newt Gingrich's bloviating advice or the silly "zinger" ruse. Does anyone believe Mitt Romney can casually lob a barb at Obama in a natural way at the appropriate moment?

And are singers even good strategy? Witness the reaction to Scott Brown's pre-programmed snap about not being a student in Elizabeth Warren's classroom. It may have been the loudest boo of the night, aside from his homage to Antonin Scalia.

But the best sign of GOP discomfort with their man is the Drudge-to-Hannity-to headline proclaiming they have unearthed a six-year-old video of a speech in which they claim Obama is trying to divide the nation along racial lines. Talk about a Hail Mary pass.

Aside from the old Shakespearean line that methinks they dost protest too much about their own racial misgivings about an African-American president, the shallow attempt at an early October Surprise they think can change the narrative and unhinge Obama is a sign of just how nervous the right wing attack machine is about their candidate.

Their expectations can hardly be softer for a Romney "victory." which by the way is one likely scenario in an evenly-matched face-off. That's because the media is not ready to throw in the towel with 34 days to go, a death march that would be too much to bear.

Given that -- and the soft and hard bigotry of right wing attack machine -- I expect good headlines for Mitt. Unless he trips over an untied zinger.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noone is more "racist" than Obama supporters who happen to be African American. Howard Stern has some hilarious interviews on YouTube where he interviews black Obama supporters and asks why they support him. If we are ever to move to a post racial society, people will have to stop calling anyone who doesn't support Barack a racist. Why don't you start the trend.

October 03, 2012 8:51 AM  
Anonymous Tyran said...

Anon, Every village has it's idiot. stand on a city street corner and you'll probably find three.

Alexandra Pelosi went to both conventions and found similar no-nothings to showcase on both sides. For some, it's 100% tribalistic, team games with no thinking involved.

That's not the average American, but the bottom 15%.

October 03, 2012 10:18 AM  

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