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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reading tea leaves

Polls are one way to read an election's direction. So is money, which offers hopeful signs for the Obama and Warren campaigns.

Despite predictions of being inundated by a GOP financial flood, Barack Obama out-raised Mitt Romney in September, a month that may be seen as a high water mark of the presidential campaign. Romney still hold an advantage in PAC spending, but there had been signs of Democrats ponying up to that bar too.

Perhaps more revealing is the wide gap in third quarter fund-raising between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown despite the relatively deeper pockets of Brown's fans in financial services, who double as Warren foes.

In honesty, the only way to describe the ringing cash registers is disgusting: elections are clearly for sale to the highest bidders. Small fry like myself (full disclosure: I've written checks to Obama and Warren) are almost like icing on the cake baked by the law firms, insurance companies and other major institutions that bankroll candidates in both parties.

But that said, the flow of dollars can be an important sign of voter interest and the flow suggests a move toward Obama and Warren.

The money goes for more than the virtually non-stop ads that are beginning to make us change the channel. All four organizations have built a campaign infrastructure to identify and get out the vote, an area that Warren appears to hold a substantial lead over Brown based on the highly unscientific look at weekend tweets from folks knocking on doors.

The presidential race may well be at a pivotal moment as Obama hopes to restore the campaign narrative -- a front-runner knocked off stride by an event, in this case his first debate, silencing the doubters and restoring the initial Conventional Wisdom.

Cynical? Yep. But the media knows what the script and Obama has the resources, particularly in fund-raising, to get back on it.

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