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Monday, October 01, 2012

Two faces of Scotto

Scott Brown must be looking in a mirror when he says a Massachusetts US Senate candidate is not who they appear to be.

Mr. Bipartisan is anything but in his fund-raising pitches -- and looks to change the subject when his campaign is called on its hypocrisy of saying one thing to Massachusetts voters and something quite different to national Republicans he's asking to help bankroll his personal attacks on Elizabeth Warren.

Brown has attempted to hide his record as he goes after Warren's heritage, running commercials linking himself to Barack Obama and ignoring Mitt Romney like he had the plague. But on his own website, it's a different story from the man who proclaims himself a voice of moderation:
One fund-raising Web page linked to Brown’s website calls his fight against Warren “the number one Senate race in the country” and urges supporters to donate to Brown because he is “opposed by Professor Elizabeth Warren, the liberal media, Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Obama White House.”
The Globe's Noah Bierman had do so some deep diving on the Brown website to unearth the fund-raising pitches:
Brown’s more partisan pleas for money are not easy to find on his main website, which is dominated by photos of his family, press releases, and his latest political advertisements.
In a section called “Why I’m running,” Brown says that “partisan bickering and political gamesmanship won’t help us save that America, and I refuse to participate.
When called out on the contradictory message, the Brown campaign changes the subject. Says spokesman Jim Barnett:
“Elizabeth Warren has raised millions claiming in her fund-raising letters to be a fighter against corporations, and yet it has now been revealed that she has worked on behalf of giant corporations against the interests of the middle class, retirees, and victims of asbestos poisoning. Elizabeth Warren’s routine may be good for fund-raising and campaign trail sound bites, but the facts show she is not who she says she is.”
In the jaded world of politics, partisans, pundits and fund-raisers slough it off as business as usual:
“He’s doing what he has to do,” said Peter Berlandi, who was the chief fund-raiser for Governor William F. Weld, a Republican, and for Attorney General Francis X. Bellotti, a Democrat. He said some of Warren’s criticisms of Brown on the topic ring hollow, because both candidates depend on wealthy donors.
“She’s out there accusing him of kowtowing to millionaires and billionaires. Where is she raising her money from?” Berlandi said.
 Not from the financial services industries which she has taken to task for the role in bringing the American economy to its knees.

Warren pulled some punches on tying Brown to a Republican majority Senate in their first debate. You can assume she won't be quite as reticent to mention that or the enormously unpopular Romney is tonight's face-off in Lowell.

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