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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

4 More Years

In the end, Mitt Romney kept the nation waiting while he wrote the concession speech he never expected to deliver.

It was clear from Karl Rove's meltdown on Fox News that Republicans were unprepared for Barack Obama's historic second term victory, a stunning defeat for a party that made its sole legislative priority to deny that from happening.

But Republicans must now face the reality of Obama in the White House, Mitch McConnell's continuation as Senate Minority Leader and John Boehner presiding over a smaller majority in a House that has been intent on sending the nation over a fiscal cliff to defeat Obama.

The GOP is now an older, whiter Southern party, riven by divisions between a somewhat pragmatic faction represented by Boehner and a Tea Party fringe that deserves the blame for keeping McConnell in the minority.

The refusal to concede the numbers, typified by Rove's stalling over Ohio's results, reflects an ungracious, unrepentant gang that has continually placed party over country. Contrast this response to the 180-degree different reaction by Rove when his man needed the Supreme Court to snatch away a popular vote victory by Al Gore.

Boehner's has already blustered that nothing will change because his party holds a weakened grip on the House. Whether that will indeed be true when the new Congress is seated in January remains to be seen.

But it is a truly bad sign as his lame duck members stare at the fiscal cliff they created by refusing to compromise on new taxes as part of a balanced package of revenues and cuts to begin the ending the fiscal disaster they created with their unrelenting, 30-year support of voodoo economics.

That means that Obama once again must reach across the aisle to try and restore some sanity to our nation's affairs.

Obama's victory forestalled an even bigger crisis, one that would have happened if the malleable Romney had won the White House and abdicated executive authority to a GOP-led Congress.

Don't buy the spin that voters opted for the status quo. Extremist Senate candidates were rejected in Missouri and Indiana and another malleable Massachusetts man was tossed out when voters opted for Elizabeth Warren over faux moderate Scott Brown.

Obama took just about every important swing state (and will likely emerge the victor in the banana republic known as Florida). When the people at whom the billions in advertising dollars was aimed assessed the situation, they clearly opted for the sane choice.

Boehner needs to recognize that reality and work with Obama to end the single largest threat to the nation's economic recovery.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

Eisenhower won in part because his handlers understood TV, a new thing. Jack Kennedy caught up and was an early adopter of a ground game, along with Tip O'Neill.

Nixon turned around and brought modern media marketing methods in. Carter had an innovative pollster and brought ground game to its next level. Reagan and Clinton perfected the larger than life rock star approach to media and Obama is the integration of what is called granularity to guide ground game. We see this near perfect coherence between the input of data and the output of interaction.

Liz Warren began her campaign in the Broadway T station in South Boston. She campaigned like friggin Tip O Neill, talking to thousands of humans, but applied all the juicy social media stuff to amplify everything and followed up by persuading people to register and vote in numbers Tip and Jack could only dream of.

Scott Brown did what would now be an old fashioned approach. Try to package yourself largely for a TV and old media world with all the plastic empty stuff that involves, photo ops, the barn jacket and truck,posturing and hiding behind cheap grubby attack ads. He was the mini me mitt. Mass was the microcosm of the national election.

Naturally, it all comes off as hollow to nearly everyone but the serious partisans. And there just aren't that many angry white people in places where electoral math adds up.

November 08, 2012 5:46 AM  

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