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Monday, November 19, 2012

Benghazi bluster

Where was the GOP "Truth Squad" when Colin Powell was lying to the United Nations about weapons of mass destruction?

The ongoing GOP Sunday Jihad against UN Ambassador Susan Rice use of talking points in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya is in sharp contrast to their response to Powell's speech to the UN in 2003.

To refresh their memory, Powell presented "evidence" of Saddam Hussein weapons caches that simply did not exist. The speech to the United Nations laid the ground work for a lengthy war, financed by credit card, that cost thousands of lives -- both American and Iraqi.

No one in the GOP hierarchy, which included the leadership of the Republican-controlled Congress, offered a peep of protest over the trumped up "evidence."

Fast forward to now, where Republicans seized upon the attack of the lightly fortified consulate -- on Sept. 11 -- as a campaign issue against Barack Obama. And the focal point of their assault has been Rice, who is expected to be named to succeed Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

Rice did the talk show rounds immediately after the attack, using CIA-developed talking points that downplayed the terrorist roots of the attack. Rather, she was told to say it may have been related to a video purporting to be a movie attacking Islam.

In a fit of amnesia unworthy of elephants, GOP partisans have alleged a cover-up, worse than Watergate, to protect the White House in the final days of the campaign.

Leading the charge has been Arizona's John "Hey You Kids Get Off my Lawn" McCain, whose lingering bitterness over his 2008 loss to Obama makes Mitt Romney look downright gentlemanly.

McCain, who if he had won would have plunged the US into additional combat roles in Libya and Syria, is in high dudgeon over Rice's TV appearances.
"She has a lot of explaining to do," the ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee said on CBS's "Face the Nation."
And he's peeved at Obama's defense of Rice over the hyperpartisan attacks.
"I wish the president wouldn't get mad me," McCain said. "I wish he would spend our time together in finding out what happened, what caused it."
I wish McCain and his pals felt the same way after Powell and the first Rice to serve in high diplomatic office lied about WMDs. I might make their bleating a little less hypocritical.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The belief that Saddam had weapons that could reach out and destabilize the region weren't that far fetched. If you lived in Israel during the first Gulf war you knew he attached with SCUD missile. If you were a Kurd you knew he would use Sarin gas. To believe that he couldn't combine the two and wasn't searching for better weapons would have been sticking your head in the sand. His rewarding the families of Palestinian suicide bombers was just an example of his attempts to destabilize the region, he had to go (WMD or not).

November 19, 2012 8:56 AM  

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