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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Brown out

If Scott Brown had run as positive campaign as the concession speech he delivered, he would be heading back to Washington. But his contemptible low road attacks played a major role in Elizabeth Warren's victory.

And the soon-to-be-former senator from Massachusetts knows it quite well, dropping a very loud hint that he is not through with Bay State electoral politics. The only question is what and when.

Rumors started floating early on Twitter that Brown would be a candidate to return to the Senate if or when John Kerry was selected as Secretary of State in a second Obama Administration.

But that mill also tossed out the interesting possibility that Brown might jump into the 2014 gubernatorial race, challenging 2010 loser Charlie Baker. It would set up an interesting battle between the gregarious Brown and the buttoned-down Baker.

Brown's defeat means Massachusetts has finally elected a woman to statewide office, a tough-as-nails consumer advocate who has already given Wall Street bankers a reason to lay awake at night.

Warren defied many pundits -- including myself -- by persevering against Brown's baseless challenge to her heritage and her bona fides. The relentless door-to-door effort by the candidates and her supporters proved to be the correct formula.

Her combative, populist battle cry during the campaign and in her victory speech hit all the right notes, although you have to wonder how she will adapt to the partisan gridlock that appears likely to continue to stymie efforts for change.

So congratulations Senator-elect Warren. And good luck. You -- and we -- are going to need it.

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