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Monday, November 26, 2012

Dixie musings

What does it say when you seen more Romney-Ryan signs and bumper stickers post-election than during the campaign?

That was the reality during a recent break down in central Virginia, which prompted me to realize I'm not sure I saw one sign of support for our former governor over the course of his seemingly endless run.

The Richmond area was certainly a different location to see Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," a great tale about when our nation was divided over far more substantive reasons than taxes and spending.

Oh sure, there was one letter in the local paper lamenting that the movie about the waning days of the Civil War was filmed in part in the area that served as the capital of the Confederacy. But that was just an outlier in a community that welcomed the film crews.

But the story of the politics and horse trading necessary to win passage of the 13th Amendment to ban slavery -- and the nature of the men who took that vote -- shows how our government has not really changed much over the past 150 years.

And that may have been a more unsettling thought than anything else.

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