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Saturday, November 17, 2012

End of days

The Mayan calendar is ticking to our Dec. 21 countdown with oblivion and a troubling signpost has appeared with a month to go.

A supposed indestructible baked good is poised to disappear. Unless it is saved by a Mexican bakery.

Word that Hostess will go belly up, much like many of its baked "treats" might mean taking the Twinkie, described by one wag as "a loofah sponge you can eat," with it. The "edible" expected to join cockroaches as the sole survivors of a nuclear holocaust, is currently out of the oven.

Capitalism being what it is, some enterprising organization will buy the trademark or the recipe out of the Hostess bankruptcy. One potential suitor could be Grupo Bimbo, described as the world's largest baking company with brands such as Arnold and Sara Lee.

Which raises the question: if Twinkies become part of the same family, will it still be true that nobody doesn't like Sara Lee?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No rant against management? No defense of the 18,000 workers? We wasted money on Solyndra the least we could do is save Twinkies.

November 19, 2012 5:01 AM  

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