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Friday, November 09, 2012

Honeymoon's over

The Boston media is in a snit that Elizabeth Warren didn't perform on demand. Well, not all of it.

Brian McGrory is in high dudgeon today, chastising the senator-elect for being a woman of few words at a post-election news conference.
It was Warren’s chance to rest her ­elbows on the podium, tell the gathered crowd that she’s never felt this exhausted in her life, and then share a bit of her exhilaration over the prospect of standing up for the working class in the most important ­deliberative body in the world, talking points aside.
Surprisingly it was the Herald, the newspaper that served as Scott Brown's unofficial communications arm, that rose to Warren's defense, enlisting Suffolk University political science professor John Berg to spell out the reasons for Warren's muted responses:
“She’s been concentrating so hard on the campaign, I’m sure she’s pretty tired. I also think she doesn’t want to go into the Senate having made commitments she regrets.”
There were indeed ample reasons that a woman elected after a year-long marathon in which she was rarely at a loss for words might want to exercise discretion.

For starters, Brown is still the senator and he will be the one to take the tough vote should Congress come up with a fix, even a temporary one, to the fiscal cliff before now and Jan. 3. She is wise to leave the verbal sparring to the John Boehner and her future boss, Harry Reid.

Warren is also not likely to wax expansive on personal questions after the shellacking she took for her response to Brown's attacks on her heritage. She will no doubt weigh the impact of any comment, no matter how honest, knowing that in the Fourth Estate may choose to put a spin on it.

It probably should not have come as a surprise either. The event was held in Deval Patrick's office. Warren and Patrick share a political brain trust and he has never been shy about telling the media to bug off if he thought a question irrelevant or inappropriate.

And let's not forget the Brown barely deigned to speak to media in Boston or Washington unless it was in a tightly defined cocoon with a specific message.

The Globe's snit-picking reflects the type of arrogance that drives elected officials and the public wild when it comes to the media. Warren has never displayed timidity about speaking her mind in the right forum.

Catering to the media in a pro-forma event was not one of those times.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

The Globe has been scurrilous and awful forever.

And then there's the Herald working hard to be even worse.

The Phoenix is crap too.

Generally, the day of text based opinion and influence flogging is near an end.

You can now convey a story with video clips and sound and enhance it would links.

Why would anyone want to wade through autocrat scribbles when they can watch a video instead?

November 09, 2012 5:56 AM  

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