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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love Pentagon

What Did David tell Paula? Did Paula threaten Jill? What was going on between Jill and John? And what about poor Holly?

The admission of an extramarital affair between former CIA Director (and one-time super general) David Petraeus and his biographer was enough of a post-election bombshell to explode in Washington.

Throw in the FBI investigation that revealed "threatening e-mails" between biographer Paula Broadwell and Petraeus family friend Jill Kelley and you have the makings of a first-rate potboiler.

Now add in an investigation of Gen. John Allen, the top US and NATO general in Afghanistan for "inappropriate communication" with Kelley and you have a full-fledged mini-series.

As Langley Turns is a certainly a full-blown scandal, but who gets smeared in the end still remains a mystery. The career of Petraeus, to be sure, is toast -- and so may be his 38-year marriage to his wife Holly.

Broadwell's journalistic career may also come to a screeching halt, especially if and when we learn what she wrote in those e-mails to Kelley that were found by FBI agents investigating the case.

Of course there's the larger question of why the FBI was investigating an extramarital affair in Washington? And did Broadwell get her eyes on sensitive documents that Petraeus let slip in a moment of passion?

Was Kelley a rival for Petraeus' affections? Or his secrets? What about Allen? And will John Kerry wind up as Defense Secretary as part of an elaborate shuffle?

Then there's the question of why an unnamed FBI agent disclosed the investigation to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor?  A week before the election? Why did Cantor sit on the revelation? Especially when congressional leaders were annoyed they did not receive timely notification?

Sex. Military secrets. Presidential and congressional politics? Heck, this is a full-fledged TV series. Not sure yet if it's ticketed to Fox though.

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