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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Running on empty

Our long national nightmare is almost over. And journalists and bloggers are rejoicing.

As the campaign approaches double-digit hours, a spent press corps is reduced to writing stories not just about polls but why they have been all over the map. Or why deceptive advertising is a good strategy.

Of course that's when they are not finding polite ways to describe Myth Romney's metamorphosis from "severely conservative" to a puppy-loving moderate. OK, even Romney hasn't shape-shifted that much. Yet.

But the best sign that all life and creativity has been sapped out of scribes is when they turn the mirror on themselves:
Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign says it still has momentum. President Barack Obama’s campaign says that’s all spin.

Meanwhile, there isn’t a single well-informed pundit between them who can tell you who’s right.
This corner is no different. I got into blogging thanks to the excesses of George W. Bush and the studied indifference of Willard M. Romney to the job of governor that the people of Massachusetts gave him in what now appears to be a moment of great regret. Yeah, I know, a poll. It's a disease.

Yet I have found myself searching for something new to say in the last few weeks. Efforts to dissect the lies of the GOP standard bearer (and his Massachusetts sidekick Scott Brown) seem labored and for good reason: you can't repeating yourself endlessly.

That's not to say reporters with pages to fill and bloggers with clicks to seek won't try.

See you tomorrow. Even if it's likely that just like my former colleagues in the press corps I have nothing more of consequence to add.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My biggest regret for this whole season has been the lack of reporting on or consideration of the Libertarian Party. It's not just for right wingers (we were the first major party to endorse gay marriage) and if more people would look at the website they might find ideas they like. But our candidate wasn't even invited to the debates. We're on the ballots and in some states (Ohio) we might pull in 5% of the vote. Democracy should be inclusive and not so structured and prone to PAC money influence.

November 01, 2012 7:41 AM  

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