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Friday, November 02, 2012

Storm warning

Hurricane Sandy was a blessing for those climate change deniers looking for sand in which to bury their heads.

A storm that flooded lower Manhattan with record tidal surges, then took a sharp left turn at the coast and roared hundreds of miles inland, generating near hurricane force gusts as far west as Cleveland and dumped snow measured in feet in Kentucky and West Virginia, is not your typical late October storm.

Except that it is. All you need to do is rewind the clock to last October for the massive snowstorm that snapped tree limbs and power lines through a wide swath of New England.

Yet not a word has been said in this year's campaign about that elephant in the room, which Republicans in particular are hellbent to ignore:

Experts insist this is not a fluke:
“How many times have you heard the words unprecedented, record-breaking, ‘We have never seen anything like this’ in the last three years?” asked Ellen Douglas, associate ­professor of hydrology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Working with the ­Boston Harbor Association, she helped prepare map scenarios for the city that show large swaths of South Boston and East Boston and parts of the North End under 1 to 4 feet of water during high tide if there is a 5-foot storm surge, about half the wall of water that inundated Manhattan. “Sandy is a wake-up call,” Douglas said.
The question is whether anyone intends to listen to that wake-up call or roll back oer to sleep and let the alarm keep ringing.

It's clear large swatch of the evangelical party believes flooding is just like rape -- just part of a higher authority's plan.

Alas it is too late for that crew to get their heads out of their respective orifices. But if the rest of us continue to deny the obvious, there will only be more Sandys, not to mention Katrinas caused by government ineptitude in facing reality.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at the maps the storm was remarkably similar to 1938. At least now we have better early warning systems.

November 02, 2012 9:10 AM  

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