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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blinders full of Republicans

Move over Mike Dukakis, you no longer ran the worst presidential campaign ever.

The Boston Globe offers excruciating details on the utter ineptness of Mitt Romney's presidential bid, a tale full incompetence, self-delusion and outright prevarication (Ann, not Mitt wanted to go in 2012?).

The vaunted data-driven businessman was outplayed and out-managed every step of the way by a Barack Obama campaign that perfectly highlighted all of Romney's faults and blunders.

Mike Kranish's tale makes clear Romney really, really believed internal polls that gave him and easy win despite virtually all national polling -- impartial and skewed alike -- that saw the race as Obama's to lose. It was the final mistake by a team that made a slew of them.

Whether it was the ground game or the air game, Romney's team was repeatedly outmaneuvered by Obama, which targeted voters through techniques pioneered by a George W. Bush campaign that laid waste to yet another under-performing Massachusetts hopeful.

Many members of Team Victory (oops, that was his 2004 effort to elect Republicans to the Massachusetts Legislature) remain shell-shocked, insisting if only Romney had revealed his true self, all would have turned out well.

Except that Romney never agreed to that approach -- in his 1994 Senate campaign, 2002 gubernatorial run of 2008 presidential bid. And that's because, as long-time Bay State observers know, there has never been a political core to the man who wore a suit well but did not wear well with voters.

The hardest declaration to believe is Tagg Romney's insistence that it was his mother, not his father, who burned for a 2012 campaign. The man whose resume made clear he was grooming himself for the job if for no other reason that to succeed where his own father failed didn't want to try again?

The Globe account simply reaffirms what Massachusetts voters long knew (and demonstrated with a 61-38 shellacking): Romney's suit was perpetually empty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All true, so it just makes Barack's "mandate" all the more hollow, since he won by so little over such a weak opponent.

December 26, 2012 6:03 AM  

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