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Friday, December 07, 2012

Where's Weldo?

It's come to this for Massachusetts Republicans. A guy who quit his job midterm and left the state for a dozen years is now seen as a potential candidate for high office. Or at least an elder statesman, a voice for an increasingly conservative party that would consider many of his stands apostasy.

One thing you can say about William Floyd Weld -- he believes consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. The man who cut his political teeth pursuing Kevin White like Ahab pursued the whale, Weld now believes Martha Coakley is only playing politics in her pursuit of Tim Cahill.

Big Red (with hefty touches of gray) has returned to Massachusetts after a dozen years in New York, which only Weld could say was to pursue anonymity. Of course, that required Weld to forget his own unsuccessful flirtation with moving to Albany. Not to mention the questionable time at the helm of a for-profit vocational education school in Kentucky.

But with Scott Brown driving off into the sunset, at least temporarily, and Richard Tisei losing an eminently winnable race against John Tierney, the state GOP has no real shining lights.

Enter Weldo -- and amnesia. John Carroll catalogs the Herald's flood the zone coverage of the man who walked out of the Statehouse on a quixotic mission to become ambassador to Mexico. And David Bernstein reflects on Weld's apparent flip-flip on public corruption.

But the newspaper that serves as the unofficial voice of the state GOP is having none of that in the face of the weak bench. And they are happy to allow Weld to declare "all is forgiven"for his wanderlust.

Would they have been so forgiving of a less-charismatic Democrat? Say Michel Dukakis?

Just sayin'.

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