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Monday, December 17, 2012

Wrong target

Armed guards in schools. Muzzles on the media. These have been the calls since a gunman carrying terrifying firepower broke into a Connecticut school and massacred innocents.

The nation's chief gun cheerleader, the NRA, has been silent since Adam Lanza and his Bushmaster assault rifle changed life forever in Newtown. Bullies are like that.

But the right is slowly rousing from its self-imposed slumber and is pointing its fingers and what they think are they true culprits of the nation's paroxysms of violence.

Yep, the media.

Journalism has not covered itself in glory. The list of the reporting errors is long as reporters forget the first rule of breaking news: get it first BUT get it right. And the swarm of cameras and network news stars that have descended on a bucolic New England town is historic.

Yet there are folks who choose to engage with the media  and the swarm understands it needs to behave with circumspection.

Not so for 2nd Amendment absolutists, who have been turning their verbal weapons on a straw man.

Retiring Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman who says Hollywood and video games are responsible for the tragedy. Yes, we live in a society that not only condones violence but celebrates it.

Except joy sticks don't kill people.

Then there's a Daily Caller columnist who sees a potential solution to our mass murder problem: muzzle the media not the shooters. Constitutional protections? Pish-posh!

And in the wake of our inability to deal with a crisis not inflicted upon one other nation in the world, we turn to the ultimate solution: stick it to the victim.

It's likely our schools will follow airports and government buildings in becoming prisons. Instead of enacting reasonable measures like taking killing machines out of the hands of unstable people we will impose lockdowns -- no matter that Lanza broke into the locked Sand Hook Elementary School,

That sadly is America today. Gun shops outnumber McDonald's outlets and yet we blame everyone except those responsible and expand the opportunity to inflict grievous bodily harm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing we need to do is to punish people who use guns in the commission of a crime. While not stopping this horrific tragedy, if we also begin to really punish for bad behaviour (30 yrs in jail) for using a gun during the commission of a crime people may begin to feel safer and have less interest in keeping guns at home.

December 17, 2012 8:41 AM  

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