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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Armed and dangerous

New Hampshire legislator Al Baldasaro has quite a mouth. Too bad it's not connected to his brain.

The Londonderry Republican is in high dudgeon over "insensitive" liberals upset over a plan by the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police who want to raise funds by raffling away 31 weapons during the month of May.
“There’s nothing wrong with what the chiefs are doing,” said ... Baldasaro ... who helped write the state’s “stand your ground” law, which allows those who feel threatened to use force to protect themselves. 
“The only ones who are saying it’s insensitive are these liberals out there who want to take away your guns. The shooting in Newtown had nothing to do with law-abiding citizens.”
Let that last sentence sink in for a moment: is the apparently sensitive conservative saying the 20 children and six adults -- not to mention their families -- were not law-abiding citizens?

In addition to conducting background checks and putting licensing requirements on the purchase of weapons, maybe we should do the same with politicians.

There's a vast treasury to be made from putting requirements to think on politicians' mouths.

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