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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Child's play

It seems appropriate that House Republicans tried to hold their breath until they turned blue. Well, maybe some shade other than a color associated with Democrats.

But the collective irresponsibility of Boehner's Bunch was vividly on display yesterday when a rump caucus of conservatives tried but ultimately failed to recognize the will of the majority -- in the Senate, not to mention the nation -- by trying to derail a plan that pulls the nation back over the fiscal cliff they created in 2011.

It was a fitting end to a mockery of process in which Speaker John Boehner -- the flailing babysitter of the bunch -- offered a four-letter rebuttal to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when the Nevada Democrat uttered what everyone involved in the fiscal farce knew: Boehner was more concerned holding on to his gavel than he was in offering national leadership.

The Ohio Republican's response was not suitable for work -- except in Congress of course.

In the end, Boehner's leadership team abandoned him, but only after trying and failing to sink the deal with a last-minute amendment that would have required the bill to go back to the Senate -- and die.

So now we are on to the next GOP tantrum, holding the nation's credit rating hostage, a move that had bad results when they pulled it in 2011 as part of negotiations that led to the latest fiasco.

We can expect the Tea Party Caucus to be out for blood at the expense of the nation.

While some progressives bemoan Barack Obama's willingness to compromise on a $400,000 threshold for higher taxes, the fact remains House and Senate Republicans have now voted to include higher taxes as part of the solution to a crisis created by their decision to slash taxes on the rich at the same time they authorized two credit card wars.

That violation of St. Grover's pledge will be on the minds of the Tea Party, who will be looking to take it out on senior citizens and other members of the 47 percent who have always been the focus of the Koch Caucus.

And the pettiness of the gang was on vivid display yesterday. Despite authorizing up to $120 billion to Louisiana and the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Southern-dominated GOP caucus failed to act on aid for New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy.

George Santayana famously reminded us "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The GOP Caucus has not remembered the lessons of November 2012, not to mention the Civil War. It does not bode well.

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