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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pundits gone wild!

They say idle hands are the devil's tool. Special elections without candidates serve the same function for political writers.

Need proof? Check out this paragraph stashed in the middle of a Globe story on Scott Brown's silence about mounting yet another campaign this year. The speculation focuses on what would happen if Brown opts to get in and wins:
A Brown victory in June would mean a potential 2014 race against Joseph P. Kennedy III, the newest member of the politically powerful Kennedy family to enter politics. Democrats have said Kennedy would be the party’s most likely choice for that election if Brown were to win the seat this year.
Joseph P. Kennedy III for Senate in 2014? He's been a sitting member of the House for just a little over three weeks! And assuming Kennedy is dumb enough to fall for what could be a call from his party (a dangerous assumption) what ensures that the green-behind-the-ears redhead could muster a majority in state where 40 percent of voters are automatically turned off to the name Kennedy?

Brown's silence is interesting and the thought our Cosmo Man wants to make some money off his brief Senate career is compelling. And the tea leaves do seem to be pointing in a certain direction.

No, it's not the fact Brown hung up on the Globe. Rather it's the Herald's front page treatment of the Hamlet of Southie, Steve Lynch.

The Tea Party Newsletter reports that Lynch has met with Tom Menino, whose support would be crucial for a conservative Democrat in a primary against Ed "Anyone Seen Me Lately" Markey.

In the Herald view, a conservative Democrat is a better bet against an electorally challenged Republican like Kerry Healey.

Fortunately the clock is slowly but surely approaching midnight. John Kerry is likely to be confirmed as Secretary of State next week, triggering his resignation, appointment of an interim senator and a June final election.

After that, we can turn our attention back to 2014. Personally I think JoeKIII's father is a better bet to run for governor than Big Red moving up to the Senate. And that is even less likely than a Brown-Martha Coakley rematch, this time for the Corner Office.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But 52% would vote the name Kennedy if they were in jail. And isn't that what a mandate is all about.

January 27, 2013 4:15 PM  

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