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Friday, February 01, 2013

Battle royal

Class lines are being drawn in the race for the vacant US Senate seat -- and Scott Brown hasn't even brought his truck to the fray.

Steve Lynch entered the Democratic contest with a bang, rhetorically donning his work boots to slam colleague Ed Markey as an elitist who can't match his own blue collar roots. Surrounded by iron workers he shares a working kinship with, Lynch declared:
They say I would not fit in as a member of the U.S. Senate. Well, I may not fit in as a member of the U.S. Senate,” he said, “but neither would any of you.”
The South Boston Democrat was clearly taking aim not only at Markey, but the man who isn't there, at least not yet.

Yes, ex-Senator Barn Coat remains the main event, even as his GOP colleagues appear to be prodding him to commit to two more Senate races in the next two years.

Lynch's rhetoric ensures a nasty fight for the seat being vacated by John Kerry. The conservative Democrat - who voted for abortion restrictions and against Obamacare -- is definitely not in step with the Democrats who vote in primaries.

Markey, who has remained virtually silent during the Kerry nomination process, finally sprang to life, robo-calling voters to attend a campaign kickoff in his native Malden and touting his version of the American Dream:
“My father drove a truck for the Hood milk company, and he gave me the opportunity to drive a truck for four years when I needed to pay for my school at BC.”
The edge that has already developed in this race makes Brown's class-tinged battles against Martha Coakley and Elizabeth Warren seem like a walk in the park.

Ironically, Brown appears to be having problems in his own world, His hand-picked candidate for party chair narrowly squeaked to a win and an unknown 47-year-old former Navy Seal and fighter pilot is thinking about jumping in on the GOP side, perhaps even if Brown ends his Hamlet routine and gets in.

But the nasty edge Lynch brought to the first day of the three-month primary season sets a clear tone that Democrats are going to have a knife fight this time around.

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