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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Gulp

Will The Sip go down as the most memorable of the the 2013 State of the Union address, the night the right wing fever broke?

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's water stop seems destined to be the most-talked about moment of Washington's annual gathering of the tribes to hear the President's outline for the coming year.

Barack Obama used the address to reinforce what he has said since his reelection, focusing on improving the lives of the middle class and bringing some movement on immigration and gun control.

The decision to have Rubio, the Cuban-American being touted as the GOP's best hope for 2016 was aimed at offering a kinder, gentler face to the GOP. But the Miami man's message will forever be lost for his dry throat.

Rubio offers a change on the GOP's long-standing opposition to immigration reform, but on the main issue, government spending to help the middle class with jobs and education, he offered the tired old GOP mantra of no taxes.

While the right whined about the media focus on The Sip, the fact is his mis-gulp took away the spotlight from the same-old Wild West show that turned the country off last fall.

There was Stone Face Ted Nugent, in need of acting lessons to fully express his disdain for anything that might quell the insanity of gun violence. The guest of Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, who has threatened impeachment if Obama uses his executive authority to impose gun regulations over Republican intransigence.

Someone should research when the last time someone investigated by the Secret Service for threats against a president was so prominently seated in the gallery.

We also saw very little of Tea Party rebuttal speaker Rand Paul, perhaps an indication the wave that threatened to swamp reason and common sense is slowly ebbing.

Then again, maybe not. Away from the House chamber we were treated by freshman Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's  insinuations of treason against Obama Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel, a one-time Republican senator and decorated war veteran.

Rubio's water break maybe have been a subliminal effort to break the fever, So far, it's not working.

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