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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brown goes for green

Scott Brown is definitely doing some fund-raising, but does it translate into a 2014 electoral run?

The former US Senator continues to hold a higher profile than the would-be GOP hopefuls lining up for the open seat once thought to be his for the plucking. And has always been his MO, Brown ain't talking:
When reached Wednesday night, he said, “I am right in the middle of dinner,” and hung up the phone.
Tongues were not waging over Brown's decision to join the board of Kadant Inc., a Massachusetts-based paper processing company that could generate Brown $185,000 in fees and stock.

Rather, attention is focused on Brown's negotiations with Fox News, which is looking for right-of-center commentators since showing Sarah Palin and Dick Morris the door. No deal has been reached but you can assume the former nude Cosmo centerfold will be looking for some nice coin to peddle his brand.

It's a curious choice though for someone widely thought to be holding his powder for another electoral run in 2014. Given the unpopularity of the national Republican brand in Massachusetts, it certainly makes a gubernatorial run unlikely.

But what about the Senate? The Fox gig by no means rules out another run because the news channel has long served as a way station to politicians like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum looking for some cash between campaigns.

There is little question however that Brown's loss to Elizabeth Warren can be laid to disdain for the Fox-GOP axis -- and his record of siding with Senate leadership unless it was safe. Unless Massachusetts slides rightward into the ocean in the pending blizzard it's unlikely that the incumbent Democratic senator will left voters forget.

Why incumbent Democrat? Brown's musings continue to draw more media attention than the tactical efforts by Dan Winslow and other potential Republican candidates to generate a little attention -- and a lot of registered signatures.

There's only so much political oxygen between now and the Feb. 28 deadline for filing signatures. And Brown's hanging up on reporters won't do much to conserve the air for Winslow and anyone else who may want to jump in.

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Blogger Bear Walker said...

Your obsession with Fox and former Sen. Brown is disturbing.

February 07, 2013 10:45 AM  

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