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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missing in action

Is there a Republican race for the US Senate nomination? A look at today's media would suggest there is not.

Check out the Globe or television clips sandwiched between endless weather forecasts and you would not be far off the mark in thinking Democrats Ed Markey and Steve Lynch are the only candidates looking to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry. The hottest political offering from the GOP's best friend is whether Scott Brown and Charlie Baker will team up as the 2014 Dream Team for governor.

A look at Twitter at least finds Republican Dan Winslow with a pulse while Gabriel Gomez and Michael Sullivan hover on life support in the shadows.

Is it media bias? Or just bad planning?

The general consensus is the Democrats are shoo-ins to make the ballot, having organizations in place to collect the necessary signatures. The Republicans, so conventional wisdom goes, are scrambling just to get 10,000 certified signatures by the Wednesday deadline, needing the help of professional signature collectors who don't make great media copy.

But that doesn't mean the candidates could not plan weekend rallies to generate both signatures and attention. And plan them within range of the Boston media (something Winslow seems to have forgotten in a western Massachusetts foray.)

No offense to our friends west of Worcester (a magnet for storm-loving TV assignment editors) but if a tree falls in Springfield or Pittsfield or North Adams does it matter -- unless it is uprooted by a tornado?

With the deadline looming Gomez remains a web-based ghost and Sullivan not far behind, with even less print coverage because of the curiosity surrounding the one-time Navy Seal.

That vacuum will no doubt come back to haunt whoever emerges on the GOP ballot. And while media bias charges will no doubt be leveled, the candidate will have no one but himself to blame for passing on what should be a Politics 101 lesson.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Winslow planned a Boston Rally at Anthony's Pier 4 for today but moved it to Monday evening because of the potential for snow this weekend.

February 24, 2013 10:59 AM  

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