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Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowball fight

I love a good political spat as much as the next guy, but seriously.

While the rest of the media focuses on plows and power outages, the Herald offers up a picture of sparring politicians who can't get their acts together.

The tabloid lives to be where no one else treads, and there's no doubt that weather coverage offers very little room for original reporting.

But a story on competing messages from Tom Menino and Deval Patrick? C'mon.

Perhaps still fuming over Patrick's seizure of drivers' civil liberties, the working class hero's newspaper puts the governor and Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce head Paul Guzzi on opposite sides of an artificial divide with Man of the People Menino:
Top public officials sent mixed messages to blizzard-beaten Bay Staters yesterday, as Mayor Thomas M. Menino closed the city’s schools and urged employers to let people work from home today while Gov. Deval Patrick predicted a “normal work day.”
To add insult to injury, Guzzi has the audacity to suggest:
“I think under the circumstances, roads and transportation are going to be as near normal as possible. I would think people will be up and running.”
Can't we all just get along?

Menino wisely closed schools for another day after looking at the sorry state of side streets in the Hub, a decision echoed by many neighboring cities and towns. The dilemma for parents is nothing new and it often means working from home.

To the rest of the workforce without school age children, there's also very little new under the sun. If the roads are open and the T functioning, the expectation is they must slog into the office.

Everyone, particularly those with kids, no doubt agree with Guzzi that after being housebound or tied to a shovel, they are ready to be "up and running."

File this one under journalistic snow job.

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