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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tagg, you're not it

The Great Senate Special Election is quickly turning into a yawner. Ask an elected Republican.
“It reminds me of the Three Stooges episode where the sergeant says ‘I need volunteers for a dangerous mission. Step forward,’ and they all step back,” said a flabbergasted Sen. Robert Hedlund 
It was drop-out day for the GOP, with Bill Weld, Kerry Healey and Tagg Romney all saying "hello, I must be going" to the topic of stepping into the race to fill the seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Even a Democrat got into the act. Gerry Leone had second thoughts about reversing Shermanesque withdrawal from electoral politics.

The GOP put on a brave face for inquiries from the Globe, touting the potential of representative, former Mitt Romney legal counsel and former judge Dan Winslow and Cohasset businessman Gabriel Gomez.
“I am feeling better than four days ago,’’ said Todd ­Domke, a Republican political consultant. “I think we are in better shape than people realize because we may well have two very solid candidates.’’
But over in the comfier confines of the Herald, Hedlund and other GOP loyalists felt free to let their hair down:
“I think it’s a combination of the wind taken out of our sails when we can’t beat a guy like (U.S. Rep.) John Tierney when we have a good candidate, coupled with the fact that Scott Brown took us all by surprise.”
There is the reality however that Gomez is a virtual unknown, while Winslow at least has a presence in social media that raises his visibility slightly above zero. As the folks over at Blue Mass Group opine, Winslow:
" ... is almost 100% unknown outside his state rep district and I’d wager 50% unknown even inside it."
Of course the same was true with his predecessor once removed, a barn-coating wearin', truck drivin' man who set off this wave of woe when he opted out of yet another Senate race.

That has the morose GOP needing the services of TV shrink Keith Ablow, who probably wouldn't offer counseling unless he had the couch to himself.

But fear not, there's still Jack E. Robinson.

CORRECTION: Winslow was legal counsel to Mitt Romney, not Bill Weld.

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