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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tale of two senators

Scott Brown is on Fox News. Elizabeth Warren is heading for a milk carton.

Despite the high profile campaign that attempted to paint the state new senior senator as all flash and no substance, the contrast between our once and current lawmakers is striking.

Warren has been emulating her predecessor in one important area -- media avoidance. Instead she has been working quietly behind the scenes with Republicans, learning the ropes and perhaps even building some bonds that could serve to advance her agenda on banking and other issues.

Where Warren has been more visible has been on the home front, touring communities hit hard by the blizzard.

That's quite a contrast to Brown, who headed into Washington as the 41st senator, the key to blocking Obamacare, until he failed. Like Warren, Brown shunned the chance encounter with reporters, particularly local ones.

The lure of the national TV lights was a siren song though, a chance to show off the truck and the barn coat. But on substance, there was usually no there there.

But now its on to a big payday at Fox, always friendly territory for Brown and other conservatives. Not surprisingly, Brown's coming out party was on "Hannity," where Barack Obama is a Kenyan socialist and liberals like Warren are out to the harm middle class.

Quite in keeping with a man, who as senator, wooed the banks while trying to proclaim himself a keeper of the People's Seat.

The national punditocracy believes Brown is keeping the Newt Gingrich-Sarah Palin seat warm until he opts for governor (or another Senate run) in 2014.  But locals know better, especially Republicans:
“It’s hard not to take it as an indication he’s unlikely to run for governor,” said Republican political consultant Rob Gray. “A regular gig on Fox likely turns off many moderate voters in Massachusetts. 

“Cable TV ratings tend to revolve around controversial stands and conflict, so it’s hard to imagine he won’t get sucked into some issues that wouldn’t help him in any Massachusetts run in the near future.”
Meanwhile, Warren continues to learn how the Senate does business and how she can be most effective. Her emergence from the cocoon will undoubtedly be a sight to behold.

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Blogger Bear Walker said...

Her emergence from the cocoon will undoubtedly be a sight to behold.

What a load of craptrap!

February 14, 2013 4:25 PM  

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