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Monday, March 04, 2013

Jump ball

Has the solution to the partisan impasse in Washington been in front of us all along?

As John Boehner and Mitch McConnell continue to huff and puff about no taxes to resolve the budget impasse triggered by reckless Republican spending, other events a half-world away suggest there is a diplomatic solution to the stand-off.

The Republican poobahs should give some serious thought to getting on the same wavelength with Barack Obama by anointing Dennis Rodman as their ambassador to the Hoopster-in-Chief.

Obama, after all, is a Chicago guy and is more than familiar with the blonde-, green-, purple-haired rebounder who played for the Bulls, among others, during his long strange trip through the NBA.

And Rodman is just coming off a trip to North Korea and a sit-down with the mysterious Kim Jong-un, leaving the workers' paradise by declaring the young leader is misunderstood.

If Rodman can get through to Kim, imagine what he might be able to do in the employ of Boehner and McConnell?

And it would be in keeping with the Washington tradition of obscuring the forests with trees. Something, anything, to get off the ludicrous debate over whether Obama aide Gene Sperling "threatened" Bob Woodward.

Or better yet, why don't McConnell and Boehner enlist the services of Mitt Romney? We know he's a man who says what he believes and it "kills" him to be on the sidelines.

With Romney in tow, this could be resolved in no time. In Obama's favor.

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